Be a Part of The Experience
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 8:30AM-4PM
Ocean Place Resort - 1 Ocean Blvd
Long Branch, NJ
WHAT IF… LET GO and EXPLORED what’s possible for your personal relationships, 
your work and your overall life?

Letting go of judgment and honoring who you really are… 

What if you owned your inner greatness and recognized the impact you have. That is pretty damn significant. 

This is not just positive thinking. This is a real possibility when you have the tools to move forward and 


My most cherised values are FREEDOM and SELF-LOVE… 

FREEDOM is my true north. I believe that people are at their greatest when they feel free. Free to flow and free to be… 

FREEDOM to let go of the bullsh*t that keeps you stuck.
FREEDOM to own that you are not perfect, you are just committed to be better because you know that within you lies the seed of something truly special. 

Now, let’s honor this truth: Each of us has a personalized definition of what it means to live 


At the core, what we deserve more of is SELF LOVE. 

At the Your Life Unleashed Event we will explore how to let go of the stories and focus on your inner workings… with the goal to elevate your SELF LOVE. 

Because here’s the deal, with those values: Freedom and Self Love you have a wickedly special combination. 

Freedom to BE. 
Unleashing and Letting Go… 

Self Love to the max because you know that in order to give more, you have to love yourself first. Above all. 

Your Inner Diva awaits the next level… 
Our incredible guest speakers include...
                                                                                   Dr.  Nicole Rivera
                  Dr. Nick Carruthers
                            Stephanie Bard
Danielle Ippolito
                      Gina Velazquez
Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW    
             Meredith Koloski
A One Day Experiential Deep Dive to set your soul on fire... 
A Chance to Explore What You Want... 
  • Perhaps it’s feeling free in your body 
  •  Exploring a new career 
  •  Finding a bigger sense of self 
  •  Being a better mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, lover, global citizen. 
A Sisterhood of Support
At YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED, we’ll laugh, we’ll learn, we’ll love on each other and sprinkle in some hair-flipping fun… 

This is a ONE DAY power packed self-love fest so that you let go of that sh*t that bogs you down… let’s crush those limiting beliefs and move like those real Divas we are… 

Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation… 
A Day of Sharing While Discovering New Personal Growth Concepts
YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED promises a day of expert trainings that will help bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to go...

The trainings are action oriented and in a no-holds barred air of possibility. 

Real talk with a  circle of support. 

Get ready for some self-exploration, learning and immersive mind shifting that will help align your soul for greater self-love and help you step into your power.
Hey there Diva... I'm Tara... 
The Creator of the "YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED " Event

My mission in life is to help women unleash and let go... so they can love themselves unconditionally... 


I promise to love on you. 
I promise to challenge your thinking. 
I promise to shed light on your greatness. 
I promise to help you break down those bullsh*t barriers that have kept you stuck. 
I promise to celebrate with you as you unleash and let go… 

Are you ready? 

When is the event? 
YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED is a one-day event:   8:00am-4:00pn on April 13, 2019 - Saturday 

How much are the tickets?
The investment for the YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED event is only $147. This includes the full day event, lunch, a swag bag and some surprises in between. During sign in you will also get coffee or tea as well as granola and/or fruit. 

Are there any age restrictions?
Due to our content and the environment, you must be at least 18 years old to participate. We do not permit children at the event since we are going to be moving around, hip shaking and hair flipping #divaprobs 

NOTE: if you are expecting, we recommend you opting out of the physical portion of the Event… or promise to take it easy because your little one needs to stay safe. 

What is the agenda 
The YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED event is a FULL one-day action packed event. 
Doors open at 7:30am am and we start right at 8:30 am. 

We will be going until 4pm with a one hour break for lunch (provided). 

From 5-7pm there will be a VIP Meet and Greet with the speakers and other guests. 
What will happen at the event? 
Besides general awesomeness, we have guest speakers that include workshop style presentations and even a movement workshop portion of the day. 

How should I dress? 
Casual, top-buns allowed and yoga pants are always okay. Comfort is key, but no matter what we have got you covered... so don't stress if you forget that water bottle.

What outcomes should I expect? 
YOUR LIFE UNLEASHED is all about creating a space where you can be free and focus on self-expression, connectedness, and allow for self-discovery. This event was created out of our own calling to help you unleash and let go. We’ve set that intention and so it will be.